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The Glasgow School of Art’s 2020 Degree Show was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This show is the culmination and celebration of years of study and creativity, and to lose it was a huge blow. Glasgow School of Art’s institutional response has been (at time of writing) sorely lacking.

So a group of us affected students (and generous others) have made this, DS2020 Simulator, a virtual recreation of our show that never happened, in its intended location of Glasgow’s Stow College. Our show features the work of 135 graduating students from BA fine art (painting & printmaking, sculpture & environmental art, photography), commercial design (illustration, graphic design, photography), textile design and fashion. You can freely walk around the show as you would have in real life, or select an artist’s name from the map screen to skip right to their exhibit.

We hope this can be the final celebration of our work we never really got, but in this case made by us, and accessible to everyone across barriers financial, medical, geographical and otherwise. If you get stuck, press ESC for instructions and help.

Thank you for visiting! Enjoy the show xxx